Vietnam Day Tours

7h30 am: You concentrate in our office, start the Western Tour Day 1 – Cai Be. Departure to the first point of Cai Be, about 3 hours from Ho Chi Minh City.
The first attraction of the trip is Cai Be floating market – one of the most famous river markets in the Mekong Delta. You will see the scene of a morning market in the West, see how people exchange, buy on the river.
Continue the journey, you leave the floating market to visit the traditional production facilities of the West. You will visit and learn some handicrafts of people here such as making rice, rice paper making, coconut candy making industry, honey bee keeping business.
At the place, you will see firsthand how local people make everyday products such as rice paper, noodles, coconut candy … You can also try to do something if you like. If time permits, you will enjoy the glass of sweet honey, sweet and honey at honey. You can also choose to buy coconut candy, coconut handicraft, honey etc. as gifts for friends and relatives when visiting these traditional production facilities.
The next attraction is the Tan Phong Island, one of the big islets, famous of the West. The train takes you on the green canyons, passing under the coconut water to the island. Arrive at the island, you go to the shore to visit the tranquil scenery, peaceful area of ​​the river Nine land. You walk, discover the life of people living on the island. After that, take a rest in the green fruit garden to enjoy fruit fork. While enjoying the sweet fruit, you will also hear the song of South Vietnam – a kind of traditional folk art of the West. You can roam in the garden or hammock in the way of the people of South Vietnam to enjoy the moment extremely relaxed and comfortable.
Continue your Vietnam Day Tours , you have about 20 minutes to experience with paddle. Along the green canals, winding through the coconut, canoe trip will take you to visit the immense river of the West, watching the orchard with branches on the banks of the river.
12h00 – 13h00: Have a rest stop and enjoy lunch at home in the island.
After lunch, you will be able to go rowing (20 minutes) along the green canals, a quiet and serene environment or you will be on a hammock in the South West. .
Continue the journey to TP. Vinh Long by large boat (about 35 minutes) from Cu Lao Tan Phong, walk through Vinh Long market, you can visit the fruit as gifts.
19h00 You return to Saigon, end the Western Tour Day 1 – Cai Be.

ALLOTMENT BOUNTY – Up early and down the allotment at 8am

ALLOTMENT BOUNTY – Up early and down the allotment at 8am. So many huge autumn fruiting raspberries.. and loads of cherries.. so sweet. The larger tomatoes are getting blossom end rot.. so I’m ripening heaps of them on the kitchen windowsill and on my neighbours windowsill too! Beautiful heirloom yellow courgettes, beans and more beans.. an onion squash.. Shared some with friends.. and making another huge ‘ratatouille’

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From Helen Be and her incredible friend Mark Petrakis’ page

On Death.
From Helen Be and her incredible friend Mark Petrakis’ page:
"In one of Long Now’s most moving talks, Frank Ostaseski (co-founder of the SF Zen Hospice Center 30 years ago) began: “I’m not romantic about dying. This is the hardest work you will ever do. It is tough. It’s sad and it’s messy and it’s cruel and it’s beautiful sometimes and mysterious, but above all that, it’s normal. It’s a boat we’re all in. It’s inevitable and intimate.“ He said that people think it will be unbearable, but they find they have the resources to deal with it, and “they regularly — not always — develop insights into their lives in the time of dying that make them emerge as a much larger, more expansive, more real person than the small, separate self they’d taken themselves to be.”
That is one message that dying gives to living. “Reflection on death,” he said, “causes us to be more responsible — in our relationships, with ourselves, with the planet, with our future.”
Ostaseski summarized the insights he’s learned from the dying as “five invitations to be present.” 1) Don’t wait. 2) Welcome everything, push away nothing. 3) Bring your whole self to the experience. 4) Find a place of rest in the middle of things. 5) Cultivate don’t-know mind. For 2), Ostaseski quoted James Baldwin: “Not everything that can be faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed that is not faced.” An example of 4): a woman who was panicking at her difficulty breathing was encouraged to try resting in the moment between breaths, and there she found the handle on her panic and relaxed into the situation.
Ostaseski ended with a story. One day at Zen Hospice in San Francisco he was in the kitchen reading a book called Japanese Death Poems. A tough old lady from the streets named Sono, who was there to die, asked him about the book, and he explained the tradition of Japanese monks to write on the day of their death a poem expressing the essential truth discovered in their life. He read her a few. Sono said she’d like to write hers, and did, and asked that it be pinned to her bedclothes when she died and cremated with her.
She wrote:
Don’t just stand there with your hair turning gray,
soon enough the seas will sink your little island.
So while there is still the illusion of time,
set out for another shore.
No sense packing a bag.
You won’t be able to lift it into your boat.
Give away all your collections.
Take only new seeds and an old stick.
Send out some prayers on the wind before you sail.
Don’t be afraid.
Someone knows you’re coming.
An extra fish has been salted.
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In general, prices in Ha Long Bay are not too expensive for a famous tourist. Visitors can shop for clothes at a slightly higher price than elsewhere. Dining at the bar is quite popular. However, you also need to ask for a price fix before you decide to buy or rent something. 
In addition, ticket price from Ha Noi to Ha Long about 60,000 (passenger car). The price of xe xe from bus station to Bai Chay resort is 15,000 dong per person. If you go to Hon Gai, you can lose up to 40,000 VND per person. You should take a taxi if the group of three or more. Bus from bus station to Bai Chay or Hon Gai, the highest price is 5,000 VND per person. Read more about Halong Travel guide: to have a wonderful trip 
The boat rental to visit Ha Long Bay is quite messy. Busy train ticket and invite guests complex, easy to cause friction. Guests can be contacted at the hotel so that they can be arranged in order to avoid waiting or not fit the boat. The ticket price is 40,000 VND per person. If you go 6 hours on the bay, the price for the boat will be 100,000 VND per person. To save money, you should choose 3-4 hours. Early morning or afternoon lunches are available for more leisure and travel options.

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I totally needed this Monday

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lol. Someone just called me pretending to be the LAPD and tried to scam me into paying $5000 installments to avoid being prosecuted for tax fraud and having my graduate degrees canceled. I just laughed and told them that this was a ridiculous scam and they immediately hung up.
Kudos to them spoofing the LAPD Most Wanted’s phone number, but clearly they didn’t expect someone who knows that 1) the IRS does all its notifications by regular mail; 2) LAPD handles municipal matters and not Federal crimes; 3) I can tell when someone is reading a script over the phone; 4) LAPD cannot cancel degrees – -only the universities that conferred those degrees.

What happened in Las Vegas is not only the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, it is the 273rd mass shooting -in 2017

What happened in Las Vegas is not only the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, it is the 273rd mass shooting -in 2017.
Terror? Shooting? Massacre? I call it cancer. The cancer destroying this country from within.
And I honestly don’t know what’s left to say …
there’s no hope left for a country that has already decided that massacring 6-7 year old children is bearable.
Sandy Hook effectively ended the #GunControl debate in 2012.
I wish I could be more optimistic.
My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

Time for Medicare for all

Time for Medicare for all….
“The group asked 1,225 survey respondents in September what was the highest monthly premium they could afford to pay for health insurance in 2018.
While 50 percent said they could afford $100 a month or less, 19 percent said they could afford to spend $200 a month. Only 9 percent said they could afford $300 a month, 6 percent said they could afford $400 a month, and 5 percent said they could spend $500 a month. Eleven percent said they could afford $500 or more.
According to the report, this year a 40-year-old nonsmoker is paying an average monthly premium of $350 for the bronze plan, $411 for the silver plan, $522 for the gold plan and $623 for the platinum plan.
Premiums for Obamacare health care plans increased from 15 to 22 percent in 2017 and concern has been mounting as to the amount they will rise to in 2018.”

CNN is nailing it!, “But even for Mattis, that may be a message point that is hard to stick to

CNN is nailing it!
“But even for Mattis, that may be a message point that is hard to stick to. He told Congress Tuesday he believes it’s in the US national security interest to remain in the nuclear agreement with Iran. He also strongly endorsed Tillerson’s efforts to keep working on diplomatic solutions to the North Korea crisis.
There’s no indication Mattis is on the outs with the President. And Congress understands, even if some don’t agree, his political sensitivities when dealing with the Trump White House. But there is one problem: It is beginning to look like some generals plan to keep saying exactly what they think as they exercise the military leadership they believe is fundamental, and if that means contradicting the commander in chief, then so be it.
Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart, one of the nation’s most senior intelligence officers, made this sentiment clear in a speech Tuesday: “Never forget who we serve. The Citizens of the United States.”

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